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Lesson Guide – Lesson 1

081414_2127_Whatisaccou1.jpgLesson 1 – Learning Objectives
After completing this unit, you should be able to:

  • Define accounting.
  • Identify the uses of financial information.
  • Have a basic understanding of creating financial reports
  • Define assets, liabilities and equity
  • Explain sources of assets and types of transactions
  • List the elements of a financial statement.

Lesson 1 – Accounting Building Blocks

Click on the link below to assess the lessons.  Following the order set here will increase your understanding.


What is accounting?

What is accounting – video

Using accounting to run a successful business

The building blocks of financial reports

Elements of Financial Statements video

Elements of Financial Statement Exercise

Assets, Liabilities, Equity

Types of transactions

Introduction to Financial Statements

Case study


    Sample course

    10 weeks
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    71 lessons
    6 quizzes
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